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Lawsuit Timeline

lawsuit filed

01 - January 11, 2023: Hsu et al. v. Boulder et al. Lawsuit Filed

Complaint filed asking court to prohibit manufacturing at Annexed Property to be consistent with City code

Certification of Records

02 - April 2023: Certification of Records

Records pertaining to the lawsuit are certified and entered into court record

Opening Brief submitted on 6/9/2023

03 - June 9, 2023: Sombrero Marsh Plaintiffs File Opening Brief

Opening Brief details seven alleged violations in zoning decision

Injunction filed

04 - July 22, 2023: Motion for preliminary injunction filed.

Requesting to stop construction of factory

Defendant response brief filed.

05- July 26, 2023: Defendants filed response brief.

Defendant submitted response brief.

Injunction Hearing

06 - July 28, 2023: Court set hearing for injunction

Court set Injunction Hearing

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